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treasury of ex-copyright Australian music syllabus

Image of Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall (1894-1942) from a postcard

Hooper Brewster-Jones

Vince Courtney

George De Chaneet

Tom Foster

Louis Howarde

Louis Lavater

Albert Lennertz

Alex Lithgow

Jack Lumsdaine

Henry Marsh

Isaac Nathan

Charles Sandys Packer

Bert Rache

Alan McKenzie Rattray

Albert Saunders

Ernesto Spagnoletti

Reginald Stoneham

George Tolhurst

Alfred Wheeler

Fred Wynn Jones

L. Lopata playing the piano accordion and an Aboriginal worker playing mouth organ


Stephen Darby acknowledges the traditional custodians of country and culture and respects people and elders past present and future. Stephen Darby uses the pronouns he/him/sister and respects your right to express your preferred identity.