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This site aims to improve sharing and access to open Australian music culture. Copyright has expired on all material posted. Domain hosted in Australia. Selected from thousands of Australian pieces – preserved in libraries, archives and museums. All are encouraged to play, share and discuss the ABC files.

Australian composers

  • persistent Australian residence
  • Australian identity
  • Australian career
  • Australian burial


  • prolific
  • well reviewed by multiple sources
  • multiple print editions
  • revival many years after publication
  • collaboration or arrangement involving Australian composer


Australia is a diverse multicultural nation. This site represents published artifacts. Unfortunately publication is selective of those privileged with musical literacy and distributor access. Copyright expired material of Aboriginal and multicultural origin is extremely rare and precious.

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‘Australian’ credentials depend on criteria.

Perhaps least Australian publication includes

  • George Clustam (UK)
  • Frederick Cowen (England)
  • Oscar Commettant (France)
  • Percy Grainger (USA)
  • Fritz Hart (Hawaii)
  • Miska Hauser (Germany)
  • Charles Edward Horsley (USA)
  • Frederick Septimus Kelly (England)
  • Henri Kowalski (France)
  • Rev. Frederick Chambers Spurr (United Kingdom)
  • William Vincent Wallace (Ireland)


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