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%%player_top X:1 T:Australia C:Moritz Heuzenroeder S:https://nla.obj-169073923 O:Australia R:Waltz M:3/4 L:1/8 K:Fmaj [I:MIDI=program 59]C|A C G3 F | w:Oh Beaut-ious land of w:No o-ther clime so F G,E3D | D D (C3 D) | D D C2zC | A C G3 F | w:ra-diant light and cloth'd in na- tures lov-li-ness; Where sil-ver gold and w:dear to me, thou art my own, my na-tive land, and ol-der na-tions F G, E2zG | ^F G A G =F> D | C4zC | G3F E D | w:ru-bies bright, a-dorn her vir-gin youth-ful-ness; Surr-ound-ed by the w:wond 'ring see thy migh-ty strides and ci-ties grand, and thought the oc-ean D3C/2C2zC|B3A/2 G F E F |G4^G2 | A C G3 F | w:migh-ty main. Who can fore tell thy fut-ure fame? for our fair land come w:rolls be-tween our hearts are with our em-press queen for queen and coun-try F G, E3 D | .D .D C3 D | .D .D C2zC | A C G3F | w:shout Hu-rrah! Aus-tra-li-a Aus-tra-li-a For our fair land come F G, E3 D | C c B G D3 E/2|F4 :| w:shout Hu-rrah Aus-tra-li-a! Aus-tra-li-a!
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