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Any Place Would be Paradise

%%player_top X:1 T:One of These Days T:Joe Slater (alias Felix Le Roy) L:1/8 M:4/4 Q:1/4=160 I:linebreak $ K:F C2 DE | F3 G AcBA | G2 D2 z GGF | E3 c cBG^G | A4 z AAA | A4 z A^GA |$ d2 A2 z AA_A | G2 d2 d=BAG | c4 z CDE | F3 G AcBA | G2 D2 z2 GF | EF^FG cBG^G |$ A4 z A^GA | d4 z _edc | c2 B2 z DEF | c4- cA G>F | F4- F2 :|
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