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%%player_top X:1 T:Song of the wandering Aengus C:Hooper Brewster-Jones C:lyrics W.B.Yeats L:1/4 M:3/4 Q:"Andante" V:1 clef=treble octave=0 K:Eb R:Ballad [I: MIDI=program 42](3G3/4F/4E/2 (d2 | d2) d/ c/ | B/ c/ G3/4 B/|E/ F/G2 | w:Glim-mer-ing girl**with ap-ple blos-soms in her hair z4z/ G/|G/E/F/ c/ G/ B/ | d2z/ d/ | e/ d/ B/ G/ F/ E/ |D3/4 C/4 D2 | | w:Who *called* me by my name and ran, and fad-ed thro the bright-ning air _d d d | (d _c) __B | A ez | zzz/_d|=d/ __B/ _d z/=d/ | _d/ __B/=d2 | w:Tho I am old* with wand-ring through hol-low lands and hil-ly lands zF=G | =A_c/ _d/ e/ d/ | f2z | ^e/|^f/ d/ fz/ f/ | w:I will find out where she has gone and kiss her lips and ^f/ d/ f3/4 f/|g3/2 f/ e/ B/ | A/ G/ B3/2 c/ | d3/2 c/ b/ g/ | w:take her hands, and walk a-mong long dap-pled grass and pluck 'til time and (F2F/) E/ | G6|z2 z/G/ | c3/4 =B/4 c/ G/ F/ E/ | (c6|c6)| w:time *are done. The sil-ver ap-ples of the moon. z4 z G/|c3/4 =B/4 c/ G/ F/ E/ | (c6|c6)| w: The gol-den ap-ples of the sun. G/ F/4 E/ d3/2 c/|B/ c/ G3/2 B/ | E/ F/ G2 |] w:Glim-mer-ing Girl with ap-ple blos-som in her hair
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