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%%player_top X:1932 T:Twilight 1932 C:music Dr Ediwn W H Fowles 1872-1945 C:lyric John G Whittier 1807-1893 'When On My Day of Life' S:National Library of AUSTRALIA Z:Stephen Hamish Darby creative commons attribution only 4.0 unported %%score ( 1 2 ) ( 3 4 ) L:1/4 M:4/2 I:linebreak $ V:1 treble nm="Organ" snm="Org." V:2 treble nm="Organ" snm="Org." V:3 bass nm="Organ" snm="Org." V:3 bass nm="Organ" snm="Org." K:F V:1 [I: MIDI=program 21]F G A | B2 A2 c A F A | G2 D6/2 F E D | C2 F2 | D D G A | G8/2 z | A 2 B c | d2 d2 w:When on my day of life the night is fall-ing and in the winds from un-sunned spa-ces blown. I hear far voic-es F F G A |$ B2 B6/2 D E F | C2 A4 G2 | F4z :| F4 | F4 |] w:out of dark-ness call-ing my feet to paths un--known. A-men V:2 [I: MIDI=program 21]F E _E|(D=E)F2 E E D F |D2 B,6/2 D C B, | C2 C2 B, C =B, B, | C8/2z| C D F| F2 F2 _E E E E | D2 D6/2 B, =B, B, | C2 F2 E8/2 | F8/2z|D4|C4:| V:3 [I: MIDI=program 20]A,B,C|D2 C2 C C A, C | B,2 F,6/2 D,E, F, | F,2 F,2 F, ^F, G, =F, | E,8/2z| F, D, C,|B,2 A,2 C C B, C | B,2F,6/2 G, G, ^G, | A,2 C2 B,4 | A,4z:|B,4|A,4|] V:4 [I: MIDI=program 20]F, F, F, | F,2 F,2 | A,, A,, D, A,, | B,,2 B,,6/2 B,, B,, B,, | A,,2 A,,2 | B,, A,, G,, F,, | C,8/2 z | F, F, A, | B,,2 F,2 | A, A, G, F, |$ B,2 B,,6/2z3 | | z C, C, C, | C,2 C,2 | F,,4z :| B,,4 | F,,4 |]

When on my day of light the night is falling and in the winds from unsunned spaces blown I hear far voices out of darkness calling My feet to paths unknown

Be near me when all else is from me drifting Earth, sky, home's pictures, days of shade and shine And kindly faces to my own uplifting The love which answers mine

I have but thee, my father; let thy spirit be with me then to comfort and uphold no gate of pearl, no branch of palm I merit Nor street of shining gold

Suffice it if-my good and ill unreckoned and both forgiven through thy abounding grace I find mysel fby hands familiar beckoned unto my fitting place

There from the music round about me stealing I fain would learn the new and holy song and find at last beneath thy tree of healing the life for which I long

%%player_top X:1932 T:All My Heart 1932 C:Dr. Edwin Wesley Howard Fowles (1871–1945) S: Z:Stephen Hamish Darby Z:Creative Commons attribution only 4.0 unported O:Australia %%score 1 2 3 4 L:1/4 M:6/4 I:linebreak $ K:C V:1 treble nm="Soprano" snm="S." V:2 treble nm="Alto" snm="A." V:3 bass nm="Tenor" snm="T." V:4 bass nm="Bass" snm="B." V:1 F2 z G2 G | (G A) B d2 c | B2 A (A2 G) | (F G) F E3 | (D E) ^F (G c) B |$ G3 G2 z | G2 G e2 c | w: heart this|night * re- joi- ces|As I hear *|far * and near|Sweet- * est An * gel|Voi- ces.|Christ is born! The| B c d c2 G | _B2 B A3 | c2 c B3 |$ (c d) e d2 A | B3 c2 z :| c6 | c6 |] w: choirs * are sing- ing|Till the air|Ever- y- where|Now * with joy is|ring- ing|A-|men| V:2 C2 C C D E | F2 F F2 E | G2 F F2 E | D E D C3 | B, C D D E D |$ E D C B,2 z | F2 F E2 G | F2 F E2 G | E F G F2 G | ^F G A G3 |$ G G G F2 F | D G F E2 z :| F6 | E6 |] V:3 G,2 G, C B, C | B, C B, C2 C | C2 C C3 | B,2 G, G,3 | G,2 A, G,2 G, |$ G,2 F, G,2 z | B,2 B, C2 C | D C B, C2 C | C2 C C2 ^C | D2 D D2 z |$ C B, C A,2 D | C3 C2 z :| A,6 | G,6 |] V:4 C,2 E, E, D, C, | G,2 G, A,2 A, | E,2 F, C,3 | G,2 G,, G,3 | G,2 C, B,, A,, B,, |$ C,2 D, G,,2 z | G,2 G, C,2 E, | G,2 G, A,2 E, | C, D, E, F,2 E, | D, E, ^F, G,2 =F, |$ E, D, C, F,2 F, | G,3 C,2 z :| F,6 | C,2 z4 |]
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