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Exhaustive searching has failed to produce a reliable biography for lyricist Anne Mitchell. If there is documentary evidence that the contributor died after 1955 the lyrics will be taken down. The music is out of copyright.

%%player_top X:1954 T:Hurrah For Father Christmas C:music Christian Helleman C:lyrics Anne Mitchell (biography unknown) S: Z:Stephen Hamish Darby Z:Creative Commons attribution only 4.0 unported %%score ( 1 2 ) L:1/4 M:6/4 Q:1/4=120 R:Christmas Carol Q:1/4=130 I:linebreak $ K:G V:1 treble nm="Choir" snm="Chr." V:2 treble V:1 G2 F E2 F | G A B c2 z | B2 d A2 d | B3 B z2 |[M:6/4] G2 F E2 F |$[M:6/4] G A B c2 c | w: All the chil- dren|are * in bed|out is ev- ery|light *|Christ mas eve is|here know you know and| [M:6/4] c2 e B2 e | d c B A z A | d z c B z G |$ d z c B z ^c | d B G D G B |[M:6/4] A3 G z2 |] w: fa- ther christ- mas|co- mes to night Hur-|rah Hur- rah Hur-|rah Hur- rah Hur-|rah for * fa- * ther|christ- mas.|
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