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National Film and sound archive gramophone recording

%%player_top X:1 T:I Was Dreaming C:music by Augustus Juncker (1855–1942) C:lyrics Arthur Rigby S: Z:Stephen Hamish Darby Z:Creative Commons attribution only 4.0 unported O:Australia L:1/8 M:2/4 I:linebreak $ K:F z2 FG | FE DC | (c4 | (c4) | c2) AB | AG CG | F4 | c4 | !breath!F2 FG |$ (FE) DA | (Gc) =BA | w: I was|drea- ming, I was|dre-|am-|ing, There was|mu- sic in the|air-|;|* There was|sun- light on the|wa- ter, There was| (GF) (ED) | (AG) FE | (ED) (C=B,) | !breath!C2 CC |$ DD GG | EE AA | FF BB | G2 cc | (AA) dd | w: glad- ness ev- ery|where, * There was|glad- ness ev'- ry|where; For the|wed- ding bells were|ring- ing, ring- ing|out so mer- ri-|ly, And I|fan- cied in my| (BB) cB |$ Ac BA | (A2 G) z | z4 | z2 cc | (c4 | (c4) | (c4) | !breath!c2) AB | AG CG | w: drea- ming that they|rung for you and|me. *||I was|dre-|||ming, Oh! how|glad it all did| !breath!F2 CC |$ DE FG | EC DE | FG AB |{G} !breath!G2 GA | Bc de{e} | fc (3FcB |$ A(3F/G/A/ G>F | w: seem. But I'm|wak- ing now, I'm|wak- ing and I|know t'was all a|dream, But I'm|wak- ing now, I'm|wa- king, and I *|know t'was * * but a| (F2 F) z :| w: dream *|
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