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%%player_top X:1890 T:Twas in The Time That Caesar Ruled T:from 1890 'Nine Christmas Carols' C:Arthur Rivers (1857–1940) Z:Stephen Hamish Darby Z:Creative Commons attribution only 4.0 unported O:Australia L:1/8 M:4/4 I:linebreak $ K:C z C | FGAB cA/G/ FF | FFFE F3 F |$ ccde fe/d/ cc |$ ccc=B c2 A>G | F/G/A/B/ cc F/G/A/B/ cc | w: Twas|in the time when cae- sar * ruled, in|peace on land and sea, That|his decree * went forth that all, The world|world should tax- ed be. Then *|from * his * home in Na- zar- * * eth O-| fe/f/ ed c3 c |$ FGAB cA/G/ FC |$ FFFE F4 :| w: be- dient * to the same, With|Ma- ry his es- pou- sed * wife to|Beth- lem Jo- seph came.|
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