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%%player_top X:14 T:'Joy' T:circa 1916 C:Arthur Mabey Chanter (1866-1950) O:Australia S: S:J.W.Fletcher & Co. Publisher, London. L:1/8 Q:1/4=70 M:4/4 K:Gmaj V:1 [I:MIDI=program 58] GDDB, CDEF | GDDB, CDEF |$ B,^DFB AFAG | FA,B,D FGAB | E4 D2 z2 |$ CEGE CB,A,D | w:Joy the heart sings in the spring time.|Joy of happy * summers * coming. *|Breath and bloom gay gardens * fragrance, *|all is still save bees * low *|humm- ing.|Joy heart sings at suns up ris- ing.| CEGE CB,A,D |$ FFGG ^DDEE | B,DEF GABc |$ A4 G2 |$ GFFB, CDEF |$ w:Joy in sha- dy tea tree arch es.|Splash of wavelets * on the beach- es.|on- ward joy- ful summ- * er *|mar- ches.|Joy when summ- ers day is clo- sing.| GDDB, CDEF | B,^DFB AFAG |$ FA,B,D FGAB | E4 D2 z2 | CEGE CB,A,D |$ CEGE CB,A,D | FFGG ^DDEE |$ w:Gent- lest breeze from south all cool- ing.|All the land a- glow with sun- light.|Then clear moon- light dark * o'er *|rul- ing.|Joy in sun- light, Joy in shad- ow.|Fill the heart with rar- est pleas- ure.|Hymns the ev- er glad- 'ning an- them.| B,DEF GABc | A4 G2 z2|] w:Joy of earth in full * est *|Meas- ure.|
%%player_top X:40 T:The Old Vintner T:from the 'Vintner of Vurzburg' 1898 T:(also called Daughter of Dijon or The Vintners Daughter) C:Arthur Mabey Chanter (1866-1950) S:Australia S:nla.obj-179445882 %%score 1 ( 2 3 ) 4 L:1/8 M:6/8 I:linebreak $ K:C V:1 treble nm="Voice" snm="Vo." V:2 treble nm="Piano" snm="Pno." V:3 treble V:4 bass nm="Piano" snm="Pno." V:1 [I: MIDI=program 57]z2 | z6 | z6 | z6 | z6 | z6 | z4 G,G, ||$ CDE EDC | GGA GG,G, | CDE EDC | GGA G2 G |$ ccc GGG | w: ||||||When a|cust- o- mer comes to my|cell- ar to try all my|vint- ag- es pu- re that|ne- ver but lie, my|spar- kl- ing mos- elle or| AAA B2 B | cBA dBG | DE^F G2 z |$ z2 z2 z G | dcB BAG | Bcd !fermata!e2 E | E^F^G AGA |$ w: red and white wines as|warm as the sun shine that|peeps through the vines|And|when they don't re- lish my|wines, I say sure, you've|not drunk much li- quor you're| BAB c!fermata!cc | B>AB GGc | BAB G2 B | BAG cBA |$ G^F=F E!fermata!ed | ^c>BA ddd | ^c>Bc d2 e | w: noconn oiss- eu- r of O.|port- o or sherry- rry or|chass- e- las wine of|Hock or Ma- dei- ra or|Bur- gun- dy wine, of O-|por- to or she- rry or|Chass- e- las fine, of| f>ed cEF |$ GAG E2 z | z6 | z2 z3 B, ||[K:E] B,DB, EEE | FGA G2 D |$ DFD G2 G | ^ABc B2 B | w: Hock or Ma- dei- ra or|Bur- gun- dy wine||But|when from their vine- yards they|bring down their stock, they|press- ing their wines while|I mak- ing mock and| cFc BEB |$ AB,A GGG | FG,F EED | CB,C D2 z | z2 z3 D |$ CFF B,2 E | F>GA G2 B | AGF GAB |$ w: you call this wine? Well you've|got a good name but the|real juice you know would quite|put it to shame|But|when I find fault then|they cry out true! You've|not drunk much liq- uor no| cB^A Bdd | cFc BEB | AB,A G2 G | AB,A GGG |$ FEF G2 G | cGG BAA | Bcd eeE |$ EFF GG,A, | w: conn- oi- sseur you of o-|Port- o or sherry or Chass-|e- las fine of Hock|or Mad- eir- a or bur-|gun- dy wine * The|rhine wa- ters tim- ely would|be your best liquor and not|the Rhine wines at their bo-| B,CB, E,E, z |] w: dy you'd * bick- er|| V:2 z2 | z6 | D2 z B,2 z | E2 z E2 z | E2 z E2 z | [Ece] z z [Bg]3- | [Bg]3- [Bg] z2 ||$ V:3 x2 | x6 | GGA BAG | ccd edc | edc edc | x6 | x6 ||$ V:4 G,,G,, | C,D,E, E,D,C, | B,,2 z G,,2 z | A,,2 z [E,,E,]2 z | [F,,F,]2 z [^F,,^F,]2 z | [G,,G,] z2 [G,F]3- | [G,F]3- [G,F]!mp!G,,G,, ||$
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