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I See Your Face

Key of F Major
[F] Night winds [Dm] sighing, [G7] whispering your name.
[C7] My heart crying that I [F] love you [Bb] just the [F] same
Then comes [Dm] slumber [G7] in this lonely place
[G7] Stars are [Dm] gleaming, [G7] while I'm [Dm] dreaming
that I see your [C7] face.

[F] I see your [A] face in [D7] every thing I [G7] do
[C7] I see your face each time I think of [F] you.
[Bb] Right from the day when we [F] two [Bb] had to [F] part.
[G7] you were [Dm] so [G7] grieved and it nearly broke my [C7] heart
but some [Cmaj7] how [F] I see your [A7] face,
I [D7]seem to hear you say
[G7] Loves fond em- [C7]brace [G7]will come again some [F]day.
[Bb]Strange though it seems,
it is [F]only [Bb]in my [F]dreams,
[G7] I [C7]see your [F]face.

[F] Shadows [Dm] falling, [G7] ends another day.
[C7] My love calling to my [F] dear one [Bb] far a- [F]way
No-one [Dm] ever [G7] dear will take your place
[G7] So I'm [Dm] yearning [G7] that re [Dm] turning
till I see your [C7]face


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