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The Bohemian Spin on Beutler

Adolfe Beutler's family was engaged in solid and successful business to import and sell piano in Australia. Performing arts were perceived as ruinous and wayward. The Beutler's tried to dissuade Adolfe from pursuing a life of music. There is a legend they bade him not to publish any music until his thirtieth birthday. Obsessed with music, he dutifully obeyed their instruction, intending to make a living from the composition he had kept silent and hidden. He died tragically young. This is such an intoxicating story. I look forward to a revival.

Beutler's Headstone

Obituary sickness for two years before death1) Married to pianist Maggie Mather 2) who studied under GWL Marshall-Hall.

Concerts held Melbourne 1923 3) and Perth 1913 4)programmes were decorated by painter Norman Lindsay, to whom the septet was dedicated 5). There were reviews 6)by fellow Australian composer George De Cairos Rego7). Poems by Nietzsche, Bierbaum, and Morike were set to music.

Works published by public performance

  • Symphony - The World and Dance of the Gods 8)
  • Septette in G major opus 60 - 9) 10) 11)
  • A sonata for violin and piano in C major opus 59 12) 13) 14)
  • Descriptive Song 'Moonlight' 15)
  • Recitative 'O Man Take Heed' 16)
  • Arabian Suite - in three movements17)
    • The Caravan
    • Desert Nocturne
    • Sword Dance
  • Lament 'Farewell' 18)
  • Ballad 'I Take Thee' 19)
  • Song 'Fear of Night' 20)
  • Song 'Tryst' (encored) 21) 22)
  • Violin solo 23)
  • Piano solo 24)

1923 Melbourne concert performers

  • violins - Cyril Monk and Ethel Holden
  • Viola David E Nichols '
  • cello Gladstone Bell
  • double bass, Arthur Melling
  • flute, Wilfred Arlom,
  • piano, Frank Hutchens
  • vocalist Leonard Mars 25) 26)
  • vocalist, Leonora Gotich27)
  • piano W H Flecther 28) 29)
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